Welcome to dropship.im system platform

More Feature Rich Than Before!

We offers great and useful features as your dropship management system…

Unlimited Product

You can offer unlimited product to your agent on this platform for free without any hidden charge.

Real Time Report

The system will automatically calculate real time report after certain action is done by any role in your platform.

Free Core Update

Our developer (“as known as macai”) will continously work hard for you to maintain this system and update when it’s needed!

Our Story!

dropship.im was developed by an ex-farmer named Freddie Aziz Jasbindar since 2012 and has been closed by the end of 2014 as a main platform that offered dropship service to any interested individual. During these 2 years in operation, there were more than 20 thousands active users that registered as an agent.

Now the crazy farmer is back and offers a platform system for businessman who want to offer dropship service to their agents. This platform can help businessman and agent to manage orders and manage record easily.



Use First, Pay Later

With free basic module that we offer, you only will be charge as low as RM1 for every unit of your products sold after one month dealing here.We decide to give free usage untill 100,000 user has been register with us!

It’s your 100% responsibility (subdomain registrar) to make sure that all affairs from receiving order until customer received the order and finished.


Your Opportunity to Start Your Own Business

Now there is 96 masters that offers dropship!


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